A Roundup of Ten Questions with…

Open Book Toronto logoOpen Book Toronto is a great literary resource about publishing, books, authors, illustrators, and events. The wonderful team at Open Book Toronto interviewed some of our Spring 2009 authors and illustrators. Many, many, many thanks to Clelia, Amy, and Shannon for their hard work! Click on the links below to read Open Book Toronto’s Ten Questions with:

Stay tuned for interviews from our Fall 2009 authors and illustrators!


3 thoughts on “A Roundup of Ten Questions with…

  1. Marthe and Tom’s collaborations are great teaching tools, both for new little readers and adult ESL students.
    The format is friendly, the colours brilliant. Spiffing idea, chaps,
    Looking forward to the follow-up to Eats and Same Same.

    Cilla Kent

  2. Hi Cilla,

    Thank you for the lovely comments! “Which Way?” the next collaboration by Marthe and Tom will be available March 9, 2010.


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