Word up for the Teen Read Awards!

Indigo launched an awards program called the Teen Read Awards. The goal of the program is to get teens excited about books and to have their say on their favourites. Canadian teens are encouraged to go to the site and cast their vote for their favourite book in several categories such as Best Read, Best All-Time-Fave, Best Series, Best Villain, etc.

Don’t see a book you think deserves to be nominated? Each category will have the opportunity for you to pick your own nominee until July 25th.

Now for some special news, Susin Nielsen has been nominated in the category of Best Canadian Read for Word Nerd!!! *Cheers*

If you wish to vote for Susin, go to teenreadawards.ca and click on the Best Canadian Read tab. Then click on the Word Nerd cover and finally, ‘Cast My Vote’. After that you’ll be prompted to register, but once registered you can also vote on other categories and be entered to win cool prizes!

Voting will continue until early September and the winner will be announced on September 25th at a ceremony in Toronto!

Why don’t we have Susin tell you a little bit about herself here:

If you’re a Canadian teen, please vote!


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